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Getting It Into Your System

Turning material from cassettes, LPs, radio and TV broadcasts, (and, incidentally, CDs) into WAV files, the free and easy way!

It's easy to record virtually any audio material from any source to your hard disk, and you don't need extra hardware (other than an inexpensive cable) or software to do it. You might want to do this is if you had a song on cassette or LP that you were trying to learn. Once you've recorded the material into a wave file, then it's easy to slow it down and learn it with SlowGold or SlowBlast!

The procedures that I'll describe use the Windows Sound Recorder application for recording. However, there are many tips here that will help you to configure and control sound recording regardless of the program you use - which is a good thing, since the Windows Sound Recorder can only record 20-30 seconds of sound at a time! SlowGold includes a built-in recording feature, as do many audio editors. But all of these programs still require that you know how to connect audio sources and check some semi-hidden parameters of the Windows Mixer in order to get decent (or perhaps any) sound.

Click here to start the step-by-step guide to "Getting It Into Your System"

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