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New In SlowGold Version 6.0

This version contains all the standard SlowGold features, plus the following new features added since the last major release, 5.1.2

  • NEW LOW PRICE!  OK, we heard you! While the pros had no trouble forking over the $89.95 that we used to charge for SlowGold, we found that occasional users found that to be too much of an investment. We want everyone to be able to use SlowGold to become a better musician, not just the pros - so we lowered the price to something everyone can afford: a mere $49.95!
  • Support for multiple CD-ROM drives
  • Built in Digital Audio Recorder records any cassette or LP to your hard disk
  • New command in the File menu, Save Last Slowed-Down File, enables you to save a slowed-down song so that you can use it again later without waiting for the recording and slowdown processes
  • New command in Tracks right-click menu, Make a Loop For This Track, instantly makes a loop
  • Improved installation routine
  • Many small details streamlined to so almost everyone can get great results easily and intuitively from the first use

There is currently one file to download to try the latest version of SlowGold, regardless of whether you are a registered user in search of an update or a new user wanting to try out SlowGold for the first time (registered users just download and install the latest demo: your registration settings will be retained). Click here to go to the download page.

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