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Some Little-Known SlowGold Techniques

by Warren Sirota

SlowGold is a big program with a lot of features (and more are always being added), so it's easy for some of the little gems to slip through the cracks. This month I'm going to tell you about three little tricks that I built into the program that few know about. These are all supported in the any version of SlowGold later than 6.1.3 (although the first one has actually been around for a while).

Plus and Minus

When you are in Slowdown mode, you no longer have to use the mouse to change the slowdown percentage. Instead, you can use the + and - keys in the numeric keypad section of your keyboard to change the percentage by 10%. So, if you've mastered a section at 60%, just hit the + key to goose it on up to 70%. Or, if it's too fast, hit the - key to slow it down by 10%. Try it - it's easy.

Previewing Endings

A new and marvelously obscure command in SlowGold's Settings menu is Preview End First in Trim Mode... OK, it's a mouthful. But it's useful if you're trying to fine-tune the end of a loop prior to saving it. When this setting is on, when you adjust the endpoints of the loop using the sliders you will first hear the final 2 seconds of the loop, prior to going through repeated cycles of playing the loop start to finish. If you're trying to adjust the ending point of a 20-second loop, this can really save you time.


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