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Woodsheddin' Issue 7 Contents

Soloing Through Chromatically Descending Chords

How do you navigate a sequence of chords like | Am7b5 | Abm7 | Gm7 | Gbdim7 | Fm7b5 | ?   Let's look to the masters for some solutions.

Guitarists' Corner: Footcontroller Delight

The saga of one gigger's search for the perfect "everything-in-a-box" footpedal. It's a sad tale with a happy ending.

SlowGold and SlowBlast! - Real-Time, Pitch Shifting, MP3 Support

The latest versions of SlowGold and SlowBlast! both feature real-time processing - no more waiting for slowdown to occur (on 300 MHz and faster computers). In addition, SlowGold now can shift pitch +/- an octave in either direction - and that's not just transposition in 1/2 steps - as invaluable (for vocalists and bassists especially) as that can be - but also in cents, so you take any recording, even if not tuned to A-440, and transpose it to your instrument. And, SlowGold can now convert MP3 files to Waves, so you can slow those down too! Yowzah!

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